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Electric Bikes

For those who want a little extra pedal power.

Ladies' Cruiser Bikes

Townie Go Girls Green

Mens' Cruiser Bikes

Townie Go Gray

The most popular bicycle in America, the Electra Townie, just got better. Is riding to work just a little to far to pedal? Are you tired of showing up to work sweaty? The Electra Townie Go! provides a little boost to get you where you need to go. The built in electric motor provides a powerful and adjustable pedal assist to keep you going all day. The Electra Townie Go! comes in both mens' and ladies' specific models with a variety of vibrant colors.

Mountain Bikes


The all-new Trek Powerfly makes climbing the mountain easy. The built in pedal assist motor provides a variable boost to help you climb the steepest slopes, so you can shred all the way back down.

Trek Powerfly FS


Trek Powerfly Hardtail


Powerfly expands your boundaries. It combines Trek's proven design with the reliable propulsion of Bosch pedal assist technology, turning every mountain into a hill and every ride into pure enjoyment. Available in hardtail, full suspension and women's specific models.

What powers it?

Bosch Motor

The Bosch Electric Motor provides the most proven pedal assist system on the market. With a range of power assists from eco to turbo, this motor gives the user plenty of flexibility.

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